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Welcome to alt-photo-process-l

Welcome to the alt-photo-process-l mailing list.
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The purpose of this mailing list is to discuss alternative 
photographic printing processes.  This refers to almost any 
process that does not use the current silver-gelatin printing 
materials.  Common alternative photographic processes include; 
cyanotype, gum-bichromate, platinum, carbon,  etc.


ETIQUETTE -----------------------
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A lot of list members do not have systems capable of handling 
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would like list members to see that cannot be sent as an ascii 
text message, put it on web site and refer to its address, or 
offer to send people an attachment privately (not via the 
mailing list).

The purpose of this list is to discuss alternative 
photographic process, it is not an advertising 
medium. However members are always interested in new sources 
of materials and services.  If you are selling a product or 
service it is acceptable to send a brief message to the list 
giving further contact information.

The alt-photo-process-l@usask.ca mailing list is managed by 
Gordon J. Holtslander. 
My email address is holtsg@duke.usask.ca.  

If you have any difficulties using this list please feel free 
to email me. The most frequent problem people have is confusing 
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This is Netscape's introduction to the internet.

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To subscribe from this list send an email message to the 
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Please note this is the letter "el"(l) not the number one (1)
Every one must treat each other with respect.  Please feel 
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alt-photo-process list is generally good natured.  
However if you feel that someone is being inappropriate 
please contact that person privately with your concerns. 
Please email me a copy (cc holtsg@duke.usask.ca) of your 
concerns.  If you are not comfortable confronting another 
individual please forward your concerns to me and I will 
pass them on to the appropriate person.
Please remember - when you send a posting there are 500 
people listening.  


Messages to this list are saved and stored in two different 
ways.  Newcomers to the list might want to look through the 
archives.  The archives are presented in two different ways. 

Each message is converted to a www page.  An index page is 
maintained listing all the messages.  It is possible to 
generate an index page based on the message's topic, thread, 
author or date.  They are available from the site

I think this is the most efficient way of going through the 
archives. Messages are updated usually monthly.  Please 
note that Gregory Walker does this as a volunteer, on his 
own time and pays for the web site out of his own pocket.
This archive site contains almost all message posted to the 
list since its inception around 1994.

You must use a world wide web browser like Netscape, 
Internet Explorer, or lynx at access this site.  You can 
not access it with email

Messages posted after May 1 1997 have been stored in an 
email based system.  Messages posted to the list are added 
to the archive on a continual (usually daily) basis. An 
index of messages and individual messages can be emailed 
to you by email commands to the mailserv program that 
runs this mailing list.

INDEX -----
To get an index of messages send an email message to the 
address: mailserv@usask.ca

with the command

send [alt-photo-process]archives.lst

this gives you a list of files in two columns.  On one 
side is the subject line of email messages.  On the 
other is the filename mailserv has given that messages. 

To retrieve a message send an email message to the 
address: mailserv@sask.usask.ca

with the command

send [alt-photo-process]filename
replace filename with the filename of the  message you 
wish to retrieve.

THE BIG FAQ -------------------------------------
I maintain a world wide web FAQ for this list.  It 
contains a brief introduction to the popular alternative 
photographic processes, a list of publications on doing 
alternative photographics processes, a list of 
suppliers, and links to a variety of other related 

The address of this FAQ is 

This list was started in March of 1994 by myself and 
Steve Avery.  Steve Avery managed the list until 
February of 1997.  The list then moved to this site 
and I took over its management Gord Holtslander