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RE: Sorry to ask again but...

Title: RE: Sorry to ask again but...
My suggestion would be to buy a piece of thin glass, about 1mm thick by about 8X10" to fit over the glass of your holder, glue some thin brass strips to the glass to serve as a frame for the size negative you want to scan, and scan your negative emulsion down wet-mounted with some type of mounting fluid. You could also use Johnson baby oil for this, though clean-up is a little harder.

My experience is that wet-mounting can improve significantly the quality of your scan, by 1) reducing grain size, 2) minimizing marks from scratches on the negative, and increasing overall sharpness. I did this with my Epson 4870 and was really pleased with the improvement in quality.


Doug is not manufacturing anything but MF holders. He has attempted to come up with a design for LF negatives but as of yet he has not succeeded. Per a conversation, I had with him at lunch earlier this week the LF holder development has been placed on hold due to the high demand for his MF holders.
No one else makes a LF holder for the 4990. It would be nice but there are a lot of problems creating a reliable high quality and yet comparatively  inexpensive holder that meets the needs of LF users.
I'm sure a crafty person such as yourself could make a home made holder that would suffice for your on personal use. Coming up with a mass marketed item is much more problematic. Doug's approach is to manufacture and market value added products that are durable and almost fool proof.
Don Bryant

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Subject: Re: Sorry to ask again but...
If you scroll down the page he mentions that he's working on 4x5, 5x7 and "odd sized" holders...whether you can get one yet is the question.
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Doug only has MF negative holders and is only making MF holders.

From: Michael Koch-Schulte [mailto:mkochsch@shaw.ca]
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Subject: Re: Sorry to ask again but...
Were you thinking Doug's MF holder. I think he's making other frame sizes no too.
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Subject: Sorry to ask again but...
           Sorry to bother y'all again but, try as I might, I cannot find
the e-mail from the person who makes 5X7 and 8X10 negative holders for the
Epson 4990 scanner.  Please remind me of his e-mail address so that I can
contact him.

 Please check my website:
http://www.bobkiss.com/ <http://www.bobkiss.com/>

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