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Re: Sorry to ask again but...

Sandy, when Judy posted this, I had exactly the same question; but your comment 
makes perfect sense. I'm using the E2450, with its maddening film holders, and yes, I 
get fine DofF, if I use a holder or just lay the film on the glass.

And to demonstrate this, I can relate a story. About month ago, because my father has 
just died, I moved his entire collection of 20,000 negs and slides back to Phoenix with 
me for cataloguing, scanning, rephotographing, and so forth. Along with them, I dragged 
a boxload of old prints that I need either to scan or rephotograph with 4x5 or 8x10. One 
of these turned out not to be a print at all, but a tintype of my grandfather, shot sometime 
between about 1880 and 1885. I scanned it so I could email it to a brother, and it turned 
out GREAT. This is no ordinary tintype. What somebody did to the poor thing over the 
years, I don't know, but it's buckled, and bent to hell. It even has two sharp punctures 
into it, that raised the tin surface more than 1/8th of an inch. Flat it is not. But the scan 
showed the entire thing in perfect focus. Clearly, then, the DofF on these scanners is 
deeper than a piece of film. 

Makes it tempting to try a few of those body-part scans people used to make by climbing 
onto the xerox machine back in the '70s. Or has Ender.dot.com been there already and 
back again?


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> Judy,
> There are many different kinds of flatbed scanners and I don't know
> where the place of best focus in on all of them. However, all of the
> ones I have used appear to have the point of best focus not on the
> surface of the glass of the scanner but at somewhere around .5mm to
> 1mm from the top. That is suggested by various film holders
> themselves.