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           Firstly, THANKS to all of you who have reminded me of Doug’s site
and address.
Well, this may be WAY off topic (then again, maybe not) so please feel free
to reply off list.
Does anyone know of a curve drawing program that I can use to plot D-Log E
curves from the densities that I read off the test strips I create with my
step wedge?
To begin with I will use my densitometer.  Later I may try it with my
scanner but, for now, please let me know about a program where you can set
the X axis at steps of .15 Log E units and the Y axis as Density and pump in
the readings from my densitometer.  I am hoping that there is a program that
draws and smoothes the curve to fit the data.
Of course I would prefer a free download or to be told that it already
exists in my computer hidden in some Windows accessories program but I will
buy it if I must.
Thanks in advance.

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