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Re: Books on alt - paging Chris Anderson

I just thought I'd add that you can find a link to her books on her
website (czaphotography.com).

Keep up the good work, Chris!

Camden Hardy


On Fri, September 1, 2006 11:51 am, sam wang wrote:
> Hi Chris,
> Since I have not noticed anything on this list about your books, I
> thought maybe you have been too modest and not willing to toot your own
> horn. I think it would be good to announce it here, again if you have
> previously.
> For others, Chis' books on alt processes and "experimental" photography
> are great resources, chock full of up to date information on everything
> any alt photographer would need to know. I am so happy to own both of
> them!
> It was quite an experience of meeting up with Mark (Hehehe) Nelson
> while visiting Chris in the Big Sky Country last week! Marks new
> digital negative making expertise and his PT/PD skills made me want to
> hide my own prints! And Chris was such a great host and was so good to
> see her school.
> Especially since the list has been so quiet, I think a little
> "commercial announcement" would be appropriate on valuable resources
> such as your books. Take it away, Chris.
> Best,
> Sam