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Re: Books on alt - paging Chris Anderson

Greetings all,
I now have a weekend of uninterrupted time to do alt and it is so nice, and to start the weekend with your endorsement, Sam and John, made my day. And I didn't even pay you to do it, heheheheh.

But , better yet, list--Sam even stayed with me for a week and lived to tell the tale! And we still like each other!

Seriously, it was a blast! The weekend started off with Mark Nelson passing through town on his way home, dinner at a local Italian restaurant and spending the night. We were sad to see him have to go right away :(

I scheduled two nude in landscape shoots (which will be done in palladium as well as gum for this woman, btw--AND I just got a new shipment of Platine to test the bleeding issue), knowing that is what Sam's interest is...he likes ROCKS and lemmetellya, we have ROCKS (as well as mountains) in Montana. Everywhere. And no one around, either. Except unibombers, freemen, and psychos, Richard :)

Well, for those of us photographers that went along on the shoot, it was quite the learning experience. Sam is like this...oh....very quiet, peaceful, mild, Zen-ish director of the model. I'm like a bull in a china closet. One of the models--a photo student who modeled with her mom!--learned LOTS from watching Sam work and pose and compose, and that was an added benefit for me. I swear, it was so much fun we started cooking up a way to do some sort of informal workshop in the area in the future...pipe dreams, pipe dreams...

Now, back to printing diginegs for the weekend's work. More later on bleeding and gumming.

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Hi Chris,

Since I have not noticed anything on this list about your books, I thought maybe you have been too modest and not willing to toot your own horn. I think it would be good to announce it here, again if you have previously.

For others, Chis' books on alt processes and "experimental" photography are great resources, chock full of up to date information on everything any alt photographer would need to know. I am so happy to own both of them!

It was quite an experience of meeting up with Mark (Hehehe) Nelson while visiting Chris in the Big Sky Country last week! Marks new digital negative making expertise and his PT/PD skills made me want to hide my own prints! And Chris was such a great host and was so good to see her school.

Especially since the list has been so quiet, I think a little "commercial announcement" would be appropriate on valuable resources such as your books. Take it away, Chris.