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Re: Spam:****, Re: alternativephotography.com and cyanotype

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I also have never had a problem getting to Malin's site, and I can get to it right now. As Don mentioned below the problem most likely cause is a problem with DNS. For the non-techies on the group (I feel funny saying that since I know the least about alt on this group) DNS is what your computer uses to find a site. It's like a phone book of sorts for the web. You may know Sue's name but not her phone number so you look it up in the phone book. Every web site has a name and also an IP address (Internet Protocol). Because it would be impractical to try and remember the following number, which is the IP address of Malin's  site,  or any of the millions of other IP addresses, Domain names were created. DNS stands for Domain Name Server, this server will translate the name into the correct number, again think about the phone system. ( It's not worth explaining the concept of Domain).

Usually when you can't get to a particular site, it's because your computers DNS information isn't current, sort of like an out-of-date phone book. All you have to do to make it current on a PC, I have no idea how to help the Mac users of the world, sorry Judy, is to open a command prompt and type the following command   ipconfig /renew
If that doesn't work, reboot your cable or DSL modem and then reboot your PC. I know techies always ask you to reboot but it's because as part of the booting process your broadband (DSL or Cable) modem gets the most current DNS information available and then it passes it on to your computer when your computer starts up.

The actual process of all I've described is much more complex, but it's far simpler than mixing the chemistry or figuring out the proper sizing, thickness, temperature, star alignment, and chakra configuration that goes with making a gum print.

Good image making everyone. Ciao, Thom

Don Bryant wrote:
Accessibility has nothing to do with the client hardware or software. I can
surf to www.alternativephotography.com with no problems.

FWIW, I can get there with any browser I use, Opera, IE, or Mozilla.

Assuming that two users on the same wireless LAN can't surf to a common URL
is there a possibility that Chris's ISP DNS can't resolve that URL or that
there could be a configuration problem with the wireless router (not

There maybe security settings that are blocking that URL, either on the
wireless LAN router or client.

But what ever the problem is, it certainly isn't due to the site itself (as
long as it is up.)

You can go to this web page which may help resolve your problem.


Perhaps this will help.


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Yeah, usually that is the issue, but this time I have done that, I have even

googled the name and clicked on the link in google, I have had my son in law

do the same with his computer, and neither of us can connect to it--it says 
it is "not found".  He has Mozilla Firefox or whatever it is called.  It is 
really odd. Especially, eric, if you are able to connect and so is John and 
I can't, nor my son in law (who is using the same wireless server I am).
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You need the www. in front or it won't work.

On 9/1/06, Christina Z. Anderson <zphoto@montana.net> wrote:
Is anyone but me having trouble linking to Malin Fabbri's
alternativephotography.com website?  Neither Netscape nor Explorer can
locate it. I've been trying all day.

BTW, speaking of books, Malin has put out a nice, user friendly cyanotype
text with great pictures, that should be available on her website, too. I
would highly recommend it for kindergarten to college level