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Re: Spam:****, Re: alternativephotography.com and cyanotype


Don's right.  Browsers have absolutely nothing to do with whether you can
access a page.  At the very most extreme, different browsers will display
pages differently, nothing more.  "Not found" errors are browser
independent; they are usually caused, as Don mentioned, by configuration
problems somewhere down the line (computer's firewall, wireless router,
internet provider, etc.).

Camden Hardy


On Fri, September 1, 2006 8:26 pm, Katharine Thayer wrote:
> Well, I hate to disagree with such confident certainty, but the fact
> is that before I changed computers and browser, I could not access
> that site with the browser that was on my computer, and if there was
> something I really wanted to see on the site, I had to start up a
> browser I didn't like and didn't care to use as a rule, (it was very
> slow and took forever to open and close and download things, in
> comparison to the older browser I ordinarily used) in order to access
> the site. This was inconvenient at best and exasperating at less than
> best.  With the computer I have now and the browser I have now, the
> site is easily accessible.  So it doesn't make sense to me to say
> that the hardware or software doesn't have anything to do with it.
> Besides, if software didn't matter, why would you get those messages
> one sometimes gets that say "this site is best viewed with Microsoft
> Explorer v. xyz" or whatever the site is optimized for.
> Katharine
> On Sep 1, 2006, at 6:45 PM, Don Bryant wrote:
>> Accessibility has nothing to do with the client hardware or
>> software. I can
>> surf to www.alternativephotography.com with no problems.
>> FWIW, I can get there with any browser I use, Opera, IE, or Mozilla.
>> Assuming that two users on the same wireless LAN can't surf to a
>> common URL
>> is there a possibility that Chris's ISP DNS can't resolve that URL
>> or that
>> there could be a configuration problem with the wireless router (not
>> likely.)
>> There maybe security settings that are blocking that URL, either on
>> the
>> wireless LAN router or client.
>> But what ever the problem is, it certainly isn't due to the site
>> itself (as
>> long as it is up.)
>> You can go to this web page which may help resolve your problem.
>> www.DNSstuff.com
>> Perhaps this will help.
>> Don
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>> Yeah, usually that is the issue, but this time I have done that, I
>> have even
>> googled the name and clicked on the link in google, I have had my
>> son in law
>> do the same with his computer, and neither of us can connect to it--
>> it says
>> it is "not found".  He has Mozilla Firefox or whatever it is
>> called.  It is
>> really odd. Especially, eric, if you are able to connect and so is
>> John and
>> I can't, nor my son in law (who is using the same wireless server I
>> am).
>> Chris
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>> Subject: Spam:****, Re: alternativephotography.com and cyanotype
>>> You need the www. in front or it won't work.
>>> e
>>> On 9/1/06, Christina Z. Anderson <zphoto@montana.net> wrote:
>>>> Is anyone but me having trouble linking to Malin Fabbri's
>>>> alternativephotography.com website?  Neither Netscape nor
>>>> Explorer can
>>>> locate it. I've been trying all day.
>>>> BTW, speaking of books, Malin has put out a nice, user friendly
>>>> cyanotype
>>>> text with great pictures, that should be available on her
>>>> website, too. I
>>>> would highly recommend it for kindergarten to college level
>>>> students/teachers.
>>>> Chris
>>>> czaphotography.com