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RE: Spam:****, Re: alternativephotography.com and cyanotype

Well, I guess we mean different things by accessibility. I'm not  
talking about "not found" errors; I never got a "not found" error,  
but I couldn't see anything on the site; it wasn't accessible to my  
browser in the sense that the information wasn't available to me,  
even though I could arrive at the site without any problem.

That make more sense. 

   This is  
why I write my own site with the most primitive html, so that anyone,  
with the most ancient browser or hardware, will always be able to  
access the information that's there.

Hardware shouldn't be a problem, if you can connect to internet then you are
on the information super highway. Of course if one is using a dialup account
graphically rich content will be much slower to access though an up to date
browser should be used regardless of connect speed.

It is possible to build web sites that can detect older browser technology
and serve web pages that are compatible with out of date browsers, but it is
hardly worth the effort at this point in time.

Safari and Opera are very similar products sharing much of the same
technology (Opera being the PC version.) Either will work very well. And
both are free.