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Re: Spam:****, Re: alternativephotography.com and cyanotype

For a while, I couldn't get to adobe.com which is strange, since it's such a large commercial site.  Having just purchased CS2, I gave adobe a call to find out if anything was off at their end.  They said "no" and they had never heard of such an issue. 
This made it hard to update my software.
So I called my new router's manufacturer, and they'd never heard of such a thing. No browser on either of our 2 comps could get there. 
No other site gave us trouble. 
When I took the router out of the equation, I could get to adobe.com.
Recently I needed to zero out my router and reset it.  Since then, there's been no problems getting there with a router.  There may have been some button I clicked in the router setup, who knows.

Just thought I'd muddy things up a bit more.

On 9/1/06, Christina Z. Anderson <zphoto@montana.net > wrote:
Yeah, usually that is the issue, but this time I have done that, I have even
googled the name and clicked on the link in google, I have had my son in law
do the same with his computer, and neither of us can connect to it--it says
it is "not found".  He has Mozilla Firefox or whatever it is called.  It is
really odd. Especially, eric, if you are able to connect and so is John and
I can't, nor my son in law (who is using the same wireless server I am).
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> You need the www. in front or it won't work.
> e
> On 9/1/06, Christina Z. Anderson < zphoto@montana.net> wrote:
>> Is anyone but me having trouble linking to Malin Fabbri's
>> alternativephotography.com website?  Neither Netscape nor Explorer can
>> locate it. I've been trying all day.
>> BTW, speaking of books, Malin has put out a nice, user friendly cyanotype
>> text with great pictures, that should be available on her website, too. I
>> would highly recommend it for kindergarten to college level
>> students/teachers.
>> Chris
>> czaphotography.com