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Re: Books on alt - paging Chris Anderson


Thanks for your kind words.  I wish I could do more printing!  RIght now I am printing a portfolio for someone else and I'm just dying to get to my own work!

Chris & Tom were great hosts in the big sky country...we had a wonderful, but too short a visit due to my having to get back home.

Great to see ya Sam!

In a message dated 9/1/06 12:56:11 PM, stwang@clemson.edu writes:

Hi Chris,

Since I have not noticed anything on this list about your books, I
thought maybe you have been too modest and not willing to toot your own
horn. I think it would be good to announce it here, again if you have

For others, Chis' books on alt processes and "experimental" photography
are great resources, chock full of up to date information on everything
any alt photographer would need to know. I am so happy to own both of

It was quite an experience of meeting up with Mark (Hehehe) Nelson
while visiting Chris in the Big Sky Country last week! Marks new
digital negative making expertise and his PT/PD skills made me want to
hide my own prints! And Chris was such a great host and was so good to
see her school.

Especially since the list has been so quiet, I think a little
"commercial announcement" would be appropriate on valuable resources
such as your books. Take it away, Chris.


Best WIshes,
Mark Nelson
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