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Re: Some Kallitype observations

Grape  Gatorade might make for some interesting toning/developing possibilities.

Mark Nelson

In a message dated 9/3/06 10:26:09 AM, zphoto@montana.net writes:

I am so glad you posted this and thanks for testing it.  For the record
y'all, the lower dilution in my Alt Proc Cond book for pot ox and kalli (3%)
is not a typo but is an actual formula I came across in a few places.  Rajul
was kind enough to test it against the normal dilution of pot ox and
discovered this, below.  Any kallitypists out there, have you used this
lower dilution, also?  Those of you having problems with kalli staining or
some other such thing, have you used the lower dilution or were you even
using pot ox?  Don Bryant, you do kallis, correct?  I am just intrigued by
why the dilution of the developer is so drastic and yet works better.  Makes
me wonder about dilution of our developers with pt/pd and if there is an
applicable reason to use diluted developers.  Probably not.  I had one of my
students (Camden, was that you?) try the old 7up or gatorade trick to
develop his palladium print and it was a BUST so don't believe it. Maybe he
didn't use the right flavor, heheheheh

Best Wishes,
Mark Nelson
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