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Re: resolving banding problems

On Sep 3, 2006, at 4:37 PM, Venkatram Iyer wrote:

Dear list,

I am appending something I pulled out of a google search "Epson 1270 roller marks" that Mark suggested earlier. Is this a good way to go? If so, the local computer store does not know about "Windolene". Where does one get that?

Camden, I could not pull anything out of the Printer Software CD on the 1270 that even vaguely alludes to 'Ink Configuration'. Perhaps Windolene may be the panacea.

I guess I should consider myself very fortunate that I've never encountered these roller marks (knock on chipboard). At any rate I have a 1280, and I don't believe it has anything like an "ink configuration" optiion. I've looked in the printer setup utility, the printer driver preferences, the manual, and so forth, and if you've looked on the CD, I think we've probably covered the waterfront. (I'm assuming the 1270 is essentially the same printer as the 1280 in design and features). The only ink setting options I can find are "Color" or "Black." But I love my 1280; I love the negatives it prints.

I was interested in Mark's comments about the horizontal banding; I'd add that in my experience this banding increases with the age of the printer. My old Stylus EX printed without banding early on in its life, but as it got older, I could no longer make a gum print from a negative on Pictorico, as the banding got more pronounced and started showing up in the gum prints. So I had to revert to paper negatives for the remaining years before I replaced the printer.