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Re: Call for Entries

On Sun, 3 Sep 2006, Grillo Michael wrote:

As Photography becomes redefined beyond its traditions of technical definitions, its role as a transparent medium of documentation has come increasingly into question. Documentation: Photography as Witness calls for works that specifically question the nature of visual documentation, including its definition, potentials, semiotic systems, and social resonances in a Post-Modern world. The exhibition will run from 9 February through 16 March, 2007, at the University of Maine's Lord Hall Galleries. Please send up to twenty images on CD or DVD to: Dr. Michael Grillo, 219 Lord Hall, Department of Art, University of Maine, 04469-5743 by 15 November, 2006.
Have you seen the two "photographs" of Katie Courick in the Times last week -- one as slimified, the other said to be authentic (if you don't count the various touch ups by scalpel and bottle, etc.). I forget where the slenderized version appeared, maybe a magazine cover? In any event, K was upbeat, said she preferred her real self (about a size 8, rather than 2): "More of me to love."

Which is to say, this could be old news... On the other hand, those who plumbed the possibilities of re-photography could do essentially the same thing from the start.... it just took longer. (Hill & Adams added a waterfall circa 1840. Kremlin photographs with disfavored politburo members "disappeared" are of course classic. Etc.)