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RE: Some Kallitype observations

According to the quotation below, he uses 5% KOX one-shot for cleaner

> ...These compare well with prints developed
> side by side with Hall's developer and with 20% sodium citrate. At
> 5%, the toxicity of KOX may not be much of an issue (Spinach is
> loaded with oxalate!). Also, it permits one-shot use to yield
> cleaner prints, something I found with Pt/Pds.

I finally did some Kallitype tests (20% FO + 10% SN, 20% Sod.Cit.
Developer) and I can say that I like it more than Argyrotype; it gives
smooth tonal transitions, beatiful tones (and no grain) and it's quite a
low contrast emulsion(a plus for someone who uses digital negatives),
Dmax is impressive; it's very close to Dmax of my straight Ziatypes. I
bet gold toning would give even deeper shadows! I like much the color it
gives on Cot320. It's the process with the shortest standard printing
time; only 2:30 minutes with my lightsource.

Since I couldn't manage to get paper white (but I'm very close) with the
PDN color density palette (Epson 1290 OEM inks on Ultrafine), I will try
to put dichromate in the developer in order to slightly increase
emulsion contrast. A) What amnt. of dichromate would you suggest? B)
What if I add dichromate (or H-peroxide) to the sensitizer?

Another interesting point is that: my usual Ziatype coating solution
exhibit around 27 - 28 steps in the 31-step tablet tests, whereas
kallitype exhibit around 24 - 25. Using the same printer / inks and
media I can get paper white with Ziatype (despite being a longer scale
process) but I can't get paper white Kallitype! Quite confusing. My take
is: Ferric Oxalate is sensitive to more than one wavelenghts. Some
experience with Cyanotype Rex - which use the same sensitizer -
strengthens this impression. (I have fogging problems and quite bizzare
H&D curve results with Cyanotype Rex.)

What do you think?


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Are you using the 5% KOX as a one-shot solution? How does it compare
in printing speed to 20% Na citrate?