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Re: Some Kallitype observations

In some cases you may be able to get paper white by increasing ink density or ink configuration in the Epson driver up to +15—after that, you get puddling with the current Pictorico OHP film.  With the new product from Pictorico, Contact Printing Film, you can go up to +50 with the K3 ink printers—I haven't tested the 2200 or Ultrachrome line of printers yet.

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I have the same problem getting paper white with
kallitype unless a little dichromate is added to
the developer. For printing very long scale
negatives with DR of about 1.8 I generally add
about 2ml of a 5% potassium dichromate solution
per liter of developer. This clears up the slight
stain and gets me to paper white very easily with
most papers, including COT 320 which is one of my
favorite papers for kallitype.

Be sure to replenish the developer as you do in
printing with Pt./Pd. I had back about 50-100 ml
of fresh solution, plus an appropriate amount of
dichromate, for every 100ml of sensitized paper