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trevor cunningham escribió:
As some of you may or may not know, I live in Egypt. Chemicals are easy to come by here so alt process is a natural choice in a land void of silver gelatin paper. My issue is finding materials to make digital negs with. I use a 5X7 Arca Swiss but desire much larger prints, and film extinction is quickly becoming a depressing reality. More generally, my alt prints evolve from 120 film - print - scan - printed transparency. The low res realities of this are disturbing and frustrating. I was wondering if there are transparency materials that professional printers could use (other than Pictorico, which does not exist here) to make my desired big negs. I might be able to gain access to x-ray film, but the process seems wasteful. Any ideas?

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Trevor, I live in Spain, here neither it can be Pictorial, I use transparencies for jet of ink 3M CG3420 and Transparencies STAEDTLER. Good luck. Pardon for my English, text translated by computer.