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RE: Some Kallitype observations

Yes, the main reason I add the dichromate as I replenish is that when I keep on hand several different bottles of sodium citrate developer with varying amounts of dichromate. Then, when I need to replenish I just add back fresh sodium citrate solution, plus whatever amount of dichromate is needed for the a specific contrast.

My experience is that the solutions with dichromate are fairly long lived.

Much of my work with kallitype over the past several years has also been done with digital negatives, which offers the advantage that only one or two developers are needed.


Thanks for clarification. What if I add dichromate beforehand? Will it
cause the developer go bad in the long term? I guess you do it for being
able to print with negatives of different DRs; because it lets you mix
developers with different dichromate levels, as needed. Since I will be
using calibrated digital negatives, I guess preparing a dichromate-added
developer stock solution beforehand would not harm... Is it so?


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Sorry, my head was somewhere else. What I meant to write was that I
replenish the developer at the rate of about 50-100 ml of fresh
sensitizer for about every 100 square inches of print surface that
goes through it.

I keep a bottle of fresh developer on hand (without dichromate), and
a small bottle of 5% dichromate. Since I use the dichromate at 2ml of
the 5% solution per liter of developer, when I add 100 ml of fresh
solution I also add 4 drops of the dichromate, assuming that 1ml is
20 drops. Hope this is clear.



"...for every 100ml of sensitized paper processed..." I don't
understand this. You mean 100ml of coating solution? This makes around
50-60 prints with my usual image size (8" x 12"). I was planning to
replace 200ml of used developer with 200ml fresh / dichromate added
developer on every 6 print. What do you think about this replenishment
scheme? Do you find it too conservative and/or wasteful?