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Re: Show in Portland, OR tonight (Thursday, Sept. 7)

Dan, I did look in at the show last week, or part of it anyway, as I had an e-mail from the gallery that they were installing a "preview" of the show in time for the anniversary of Katrina. Congratulations; it was good to see the work in person after seeing some of it online. Guy was extolling you as the next Ansel Adams, so you've definitely got an advocate there.

I sympathize about the rotator cuff; I had a rotator cuff injury several years ago (no surgery) that took a year to heal.

To the list: there's also what looks like an interesting group show of Katrina photographs at Gail Gibson in Seattle, including Chris Jordan, who some of you may know, or know of.

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Sorry for the late notice but travel (and rotator cuff surgery
yesterday) has me running behind on all sorts of things.

Though I won't be in Portland for the opening (see above), it should be
a good show featuring the work of Thomas Kellner and myself. As the
gallery blurb states:

"Join us on First Thursday, September 7 featuring photographs by Dan
Burkholder and Thomas Kellner."

My work is all pigmented ink of the New Orleans series. About the only
thing "alt" in my prints is the border that I use. I scan reject
pigment-over-platinum prints and reuse the borders for this new color
work. Recycling at its best!

You can find a map at this URL:

The show hours this evening are from 6-9 pm.

Hope someone from the list can make it!

I'll post some more info about workshops and shows soon but you can't
imaging how difficult it is to keyboard with this friggin' shoulder all
wrapped up. ;^)


Dan Burkholder