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Re: More than 2 worth - much more

Katharine Thayer wrote:
So, okay. The Reuters photographer who had all his photographs pulled because he was doctoring them in Photoshop-- where does his overcloned photo fit into all this? I'm inclined to suspect that he was a victim of too much jargon himself; the fact that he thought nothing of filing such an obviously doctored picture with Reuters suggests that he probably went to a school where he learned about semiotics and social resonances and about there being not that much difference between fiction and nonfiction, and took it all way too seriously. He's probably surprised as heck to find his career up in smoke now, just because he wanted the smoke in the picture to look bigger and darker.
What's interesting to me is that if that photographer had even rudimentary skills in Photoshop, the photo retouching could easily have gone undetected...which makes you wonder how many photoshopped "documentary" photos out there do slip through the cracks. Not very reassuring to have only the work of lousy retouch artists pulled.