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Re: Mixing ferric oxalate

Hey John,

Your experience sounds about right. A bit of stirring and patience is 
all you need. I let the solution sit (in a dark drawer) and reheat in a 
microwave and stir every 15 minutes until it's dissolved. Takes a while 
but eventually it all goes into solution. Try to avoid boiling in the 
microwave. For small quantities like that, 15 sec. on high is usually 
enough for average ovens.

Hope this helps!


John Brewer wrote on 9/9/06, 2:06 PM:

 > Dear list
 > I'm mixing ferric oxalate solution from powder and it just isn't going
 > into
 > solution. I used 27g ferric oxalate with 4.8g oxalic acid and 2g EDTA
 > (Na4).
 > I used hot distilled water to 50ml. I've been stirring for 3/4 hour and I
 > still have a yellow green opaque liquid and my hand is about to fall
 > off. Is
 > it normal to take so long? Can I reheat a little? Any tips/ideas?
 > Thanks
 > John.
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