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RE: pt/pd mounting

Thanks to Liam and Gawain for the responses.

So that leaves us with one "busted" and one "doesn't really matter".

Anyone want to tip the scales?

Camden Hardy


On Sat, September 9, 2006 8:36 pm, Liam Lawless wrote:
> Platinum prints should not be acidic if properly washed after processing.
> But platinum is a catalyst and turns atmospheric sulphur dioxide into
> sulphuric acid which causes yellowing and embrittlement of the paper the
> print is on.  Old platinum prints are often quite acidic, so I see only
> benefits from buffered boards.
> Liam
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> Subject: pt/pd mounting
> I've heard a myth I'm looking to bust or confirm, and I figured this would
> be a good place to find out.
> Someone once told me (can't remember who or where or when) that since
> pt/pd is an acidic process that mounting a print in pH neutral or acid
> free mat board will actually shorten the life of the print.
> So my question is, within the context of pt/pd, how important is the pH
> level of mat board for archival mounting?
> Thanks,
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