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RE: pt/pd mounting

Gawain, I'd suggest that a buffered board is definitely a good idea for
framed prints because anything (except light) that is going to harm the
print has to get past or through the board first.  I've come across many
prints that have yellowed or stained because some idiot has used a frame
back of hardboard or MDF without an impermeable barrier between it and the


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From: Gawain Weaver [mailto:gawain.weaver@gmail.com]
Sent: 11 September 2006 22:06
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There are several reasons why you might use buffered board.

1) All other things being equal, buffered board has greater permanence than
unbuffered board (this is why standards for permanent paper typically
include a requirement for a 2% alkaline reserve).
2) As Liam/Ware has mentioned it could potentially act to mitigate the
effects of the acid buildup from the catalytic action of platinum.
3) Buffered is generally cheaper
4) It won't do anything bad, so why not?

I would emphasize that the acid mitigation is purely in theory. Discussion
of pH and the buffering effect of an alkaline reserve should really be left
to discussions of solutions in water, not of carbonates in dry boards.

Gawain Weaver

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From: Camden Hardy [mailto:camden@hardyphotography.net]
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I apologize for the ambiguity of my question.  You (and Liam) are correct;
I was in fact trying to find out whether acid board is good (as someone
once told me) or bad for pt prints.

My instinct was to say acid board is bad in general, but it was a fairly
convincing argument.

While we're on the subject though, what about buffered board?  Can anyone
see a reason to use or not use it for pt/pd?

Camden Hardy