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Re: Fratelli Alanari - celloidine prints

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Subject: Fratelli Alanari - celloidine prints

> Most of the images are Italian in origin (they
> do have a complete original set of  Camerawork), and include a couple
> of a print type of which I have never come across before: celloidine
> prints.
> Christopher James mentions the development of a celluloid backing for
> film (by Eastman in 1884-5); the two prints in the book are dated 1900
> and 1904. Would 'celloidine' be an early technical descriptor for the
> Eastman celluloid development? or something different?

According to Baier, Geschichte der Fotografie, Munich 1980, p.108, it seems
to go back to a system based on silver phosphate, introduced by Fyfe in
Baier says, celloidine paper had been described by Valenta (1901).