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RE: pt/pd mounting

Because it's not quite the same thing! [Surprised]
- You don't have much paper choices with S/G but you can choose many different papers for Pt/Pd based on a wider criteria / choices of texture, color, weight...
- Coating the print with PU doesn't necessarily imply removing / undermatting the brushed edges
- Once finely calibrated, making a fine Pt/Pd print (at least having a print which is exactly you've imagined) is considerably easy from making a fine S/G print. (That is in the case of using digital negatives of couse.)
- S/G is too sharp for digital negatives (at least for inkjet negatives).
...and it's still not quite the same thing since the image is in the paper fiber not over it. Coating the print with a glossy finish doesn't make it look exactly like a S/G print.
Hope this helps.

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Why not just make a silver print?

Mark Nelson
Precision Digital Negatives

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I think you should try it without waiting results from any test; because I
can assure you that you'll gain around log 0.9 - 1.2 additional density in
the darkest tones! (Nothing comes without a price; which is loosing the nice
matte finish in this case).