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Re: pt/pd mounting > gum framing

On Sep 11, 2006, at 6:39 PM, Liam Lawless wrote:

I'm certain buffered board has been shown to slow down image and paper
degradation due to acidity when print and mount are in a sealed or almost
sealed environment such as a frame (it is said that a small gap should be
left in the sealing tape to allow the frame to "breathe" and so avoid
condensation). Unless, of course, a high pH is antagonistic to the print!

Anyway, this might be slightly off topic, but an article by Michael A. Smith
has a little bearing on this subject and will possibly be of interest to
those who are interested in these things:


Funny, I was going to ask about this material yesterday, and then I got sidetracked and didn't get around to it.

I had changed the subject line because this discussion had got me to thinking about matboard for gum. Forever, I've been using the same 100% cotton rag museum board (non-buffered) but after framing a slew of new prints last week, suddenly I'm down to one sheet , so it's way time to be ordering a new supply. And as I say, the discussion got me wondering about whether I should consider going to a buffered matboard. I looked online and of course found nothing specific to gum printing, but at least one of the things I looked at online said that even 100% cotton rag board tends to go acidic over time, which might indicate, if there's really nothing about the buffering that would be harmful, that starting a bit on the other side of neutral might not be a bad idea. Looking at catalogs, I found that this ArtCare is the only matboard Daniel Smith offers, in a two-page spread surrounded by testimonials from conservators etc. I'd never heard of it, and was curious if anyone had any opinions about it. This Michael Smith testimonial makes me even more curious.