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lumenprints again

Sorry to inundate the list with three posts all at once, but if I don't write it now, I'll forget...

Had my first critique yesterday in my Experimental Photography class, and one of the assignment choices on their menu was to do the Burchfield lumenprint process.

I was so pleased!! I can't believe how many got good lumenprints, and what I wanted to share was that one student did a side by side of same paper, same exposure time, but one under glass and one not, and the one under glass was incredibly more brilliant in color, so glass must trap in moisture and heat in such a way as to improve prospects.

Most did exposures all day long, maybe 6 hr to 24 hr.

I am getting to the point where I can tell by the colors produced what papers the students used. Ilford warmtone, Bergger warmtone, and Forte are the most beautiful--ilford wmtn is terra cottas and yellows, and the fortes produce a lot of hot pinks and greens, and the Bergger is similar but still different. Ilford MGIV is usually mauve, pink, yellow, more muted. Kodak papers are usually browns and duller by far, good for particular subject matter.

New paper vs. old paper--the student that used Bergger just bought the stuff and it was still gorgeous so I think the only reason to use old is if you have it lying around.

Lemon slices and vinegar and coffee grounds and mushrooms and flowers and sunflower leaves and....One student used his blood, which was quite the topic of critique conversation...