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Re: P.O.P and diginegs and babies

Clay calls it the "Texas Two Step"

In a message dated 9/15/06 6:31:16 AM, davidhatton@totalise.co.uk writes:

Thanks Mark,
I actually didn't think of that would you believe! The step thing I mean. I'll keep you posted..
 David H
On Sep 13 2006, Ender100@aol.com wrote:

Hi David,

You should be able to do POP fine with digital negatives. With POP
processes, I think the only step that people have trouble with is determining a
standard printing time—which perhaps seems the antithesis of POP, where you are
printing by inspection. However it is important to get a printing time so you
can determine what density your negatives require. The traditional method of
exposing until you get a standard steptablet to merge at least two steps
doesn't work very well, since the self masking prevents this merging of steps. But
you can still use a step tablet and by examining the darkest print steps
decide which gives you an acceptable "black".

Good luck,
Mark Nelson
Precision Digital Negatives

In a message dated 9/13/06 7:04:52 AM, davidhatton@totalise.co.uk writes:

Hi Folks,
Well after a disastrous summer spent > (not)gum-printing, I have adjourned to
the UK pending the arrival > of new grand-daughter, baby Kate. Shortly
thereafter, a somewhat > longer journey to the Antipodes where my son and his wife are
> expecting baby Lilly Grace in Sydney in October. Assuming no further > birthing
or bombing incidents I should be back in Turkey by > February which brings me
to my Alt question. I intend visiting > Cappadocia in spring, a terrain which
lends itself, I believe > nicely, to POP images. I have a couple of queries. Has
anyone eve > used Polaroid 55 film successfully in a pinhole camera? AND, will
> I be able to create digital negatives capable of printing well with
> Centennial POP? Any responses would be gratefully received as would > any old baby
clothes, money etc..

Mark Nelson
Precision Digital Negatives