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RE: Measuring humidity

	I bought a clock for around $7 that also had a thermometer and hygrometer
built in.  The only identifying marks are "CE" and "made in China".
 I know that these things are not as reliable as the more professional
dedicated hygrometers but, when I was considering buying the clock, I saw
that 5 out of 10 of them read within a degree in temperature and a few % in
humidity.  I bought the one "in the middle" (the median in statistical
terms) so I feel confident that it is sufficiently accurate to let me know
how my darkroom is doing when I coat PT/PD prints.
	Look in a discount store for clocks with thermometers and hygrometers built

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Mark, is this expensive?  I want something cheap, as long as it's
reasonably reliable.  I'm not sure why the remote unit would be
necessary or useful to me,   since I just want a reading of RH in the
air next to  the print where it's being coated and exposed, at the
time it's being coated and exposed; also, a cumulative readout
wouldn't be at all interesting or useful to me.  I need it only for
this set of tests; I'm not going to be monitoring the humidity all
the time, as I don't see any particular need for it in my situation.
Camden, I did call the local Radio Shack;  they don't have any in
right now, but they cost $32 when they do have them.   I was relieved
to read that you got yours for $15, and will check with hardware
stores tomorrow, thanks.

On Sep 15, 2006, at 6:38 PM, Ender100@aol.com wrote:

> The nicest hygrometers and most usefull ones are those that have a
> remote unit...you can put the remote unit in a humidity chamber and
> set the other unit elsewhere and monitor the humidity...they also
> have cumulutive readouts, so you can get the average RH too.
> Mark Nelson
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>> I got my hydrometer at Ace Hardware for $15.  Radio Shack has
>> cheap ones too.
>> Camden Hardy
> Mark Nelson
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