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chromoskedasic sabattier

One more thing, today:

I have been struggling trying to teach my experimental class this semester because of the continual demise of this paper or that chemical, etc. etc. However, I made some headway today for chromoskedasic sabattier.

Kodak no longer makes SII activator and and S30 stabilizer. But you can locate both msds's with approx percentages of the chemistry here


and do a search for

SII: MSDS 1865567
S30 stabilizer MSDS 1895192

I would print these out now, because who knows if they remove MSDS's once the product is discontinued or not.

Anyway, the SII has water 85-90, potassium hydroxide 5-10, potassium sulphite 1-5, sodium sulphite 1-5, and potassium bromide less than 1--all per cents.

The S30 has water 65-70, ammonium thiocyanate 21, acetic acid 5-10, sodium acetate 1-5, and sodium bisulfite less than 1, all percent.

I am wondering, since the sabattier form of the process is so...loosey goosey...if one could just use a 10% pot hydrox and a 20% am thio and do the process...chemists, comments??