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RE: Van Dyke and Kallitype


Just for the record, I didn't intend to imply that the DMAX of a VDB was
necessarily better than what one can get from a kallitype.

Just for the record, I did not say that the Dmax of VDB sucks, only 
that I have never been able to get quite as much with it as with 
kallitype. However, if you set out to compare Dmax with the two it 
should be done with equal conditions, say single or double coating 
both on the same paper, same RH, etc.

Doing a direct comparison of the two processes may be interesting, however I
would think that as far as testing DMAX goes one would choose the conditions
that produced the best DMAX and print tonality for each process and that all
conditions wouldn't necessarily need to be exactly the same. 

But it's an academic point so to speak for me. Each process has it's own
appeal and charm.

Also, I might mention that I can take a negative developed in PyroCat that
prints well as a VDB and very easily enlarge it on silver gelatin paper.
Another example of the flexibility of PyroCat.