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Re: Van Dyke and Kallitype

will you explain a bit about your gold additive in the VDB senzitizer and what effect you get?
How much gold you added to the solution?
Maybe you have some examples you can put them on the web?

Thanks for the answers!

Regards from Slovenia
Stane Kocar

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Sandy and Loris,

In practice, however, very few people make negatives with enough
contrast for VDB

I must be the exception. Right now I'm looking at two VDB prints on my
office wall with excellent DMAX, midtones, and highlight gradation. Using
TMAX 400 and PyroCat-HD making negatives for VDB is pretty easy.

Just as an FYI these prints are partially gold toned and have a gold
additive in the sensitizer.

But to say that DMAX for VDB sucks doesn't match my experience. And I do
double coat.

Don Bryant

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