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RE: Van Dyke and Kallitype

You can also add about the same amount of gold (or palladium or platinum) to the regular kallitype sensitizer for a color change.

I don't do it because I always tone my prints, which results in replacement of the silver with gold, palladium or platinum.



will you explain a bit about your gold additive in the VDB senzitizer and
what effect you get? How much gold you added to the solution?

I generally add 1 drop of 4% AuCl to every 10 drops of VDB sensitizer. You
can use lower percentage of gold concentrate if you wish. This causes a
color shift towards mauve brown. You can add more gold if you wish which
will cause the print color to shift toward a reddish tone.

If you double coat add the gold in both coats.

Experimentation is the key to determine what you prefer and what works for

Maybe you have some examples you can put them on the web?

Sorry but I don't.