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Cyanotype Rex - a disappontment to say the least..

I would just like to express my dismay after reading the cyanotype rex PDF from Terry King. For those of you who were thinking of buying this document, I suggest you think again. I gave the author the benefit of the doubt given his 'years of contributions to the art and science of photography'. I wish now that I hadn't. There is nothing in the document that is not available elswhere (on the Internet) for free. If you really think you need to have the secret ask me and I'll tell you. It would take approximately 4 lines of text to explain it to the depth to which the author takes the process..Heck, not even that! I am bitterly disappointed with the publication and can only assume that others who have purchased it are too polite to say so too. So if you have 30 bucks to spare, buy some Oxalate with it..:)


David H