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Re: Deathbed Photographs


I don't know about the link to the webpage but is the book you are referring to "Looking at Death?"  Here it is in stock at Amazon:


Also there is a book of Sally Mann's called "Still Remains", but that may not be what you are looking for as it is more contemporary.


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From: Jeremy Moore <jeremydmoore@gmail.com>
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Date:  Thu, 21 Sep 2006 14:07:20 -0500

>Momento mori, little angels, deathbed photographs... I remember there
>being a link passed around here on the list, but I can't find it in
>the archives about a website with many of these images on it. Also, I
>believe there was at one time a monograph on this subject but for the
>life of me I can't find the book (I know it's out of print)--does
>anyone remember or know what I'm talking about? A friend has developed
>an interest in this area and I'm trying to give her a couple more