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Re: Pablo Picasso's sculptures got x-rayed

Well, uhhh...there's more than one way to scan a cat....

In a message dated 9/25/06 1:13:58 PM, rs@silvergrain.org writes:

Perhaps you mean MRI? CT scan is common in emergency and bone-related
diagnosis but unless she had metal objects surgically implanted in her
body MRI is more likely for brain. At least MRI makes more pretty image
of soft tissues like brain. MRI uses very strong magnetic field but not
x-ray or other high energy radiation. Of course Picasso's sculptures
wouldn't be allowed to bring to the scanner because of obvious
reasons... nails, etc. (CT would require a lot more radiation exposure
than a straight-forward x-ray, at least with current technology, but it
can be used without asking the patient if s/he had metal object
implanted in the body, etc., so that's used in emergency.)

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