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Re: Selenium-toning Van Dyke Brown prints

Judy Seigel wrote:

And a couple of other comments: Jordan says he can't deal with the double coating for VDB & I'm wondering why the double coating -- my space cadet undergrads & I routinely got great d-max with single coats. In fact in some experiments the double coating gave less d-max, because the 2nd coat wiped off some of the first. Is it possible your negs aren't keyed to VDB (which as I recall needed 12 steps on the 21 step)? The other point I think of is that a fairly hard thin paper, like a strathmore drawing worked best. The artier, more "velvety," expensive papers favored for pt/pd didn't work as well for us with VDB.
I'm pretty satisfied with the dmax I get from VDB (not that I have much of an alt-process standard to compare it to). The main problem I have is blotchiness, which I attribute to uneven coating... maybe I'm wrong on that point. I do know that my (single-coated) cyanotypes come out nicely blotch-free.

I've been using the formula and procedure outlined by Wynn White in his article on Unblinkingeye, as well as those of his recommended papers that are available locally (Stonehenge Rising, Fabriano Artistico, Arches Platine).

All this talk is making me want to try Kallitypes and then gold-toning them....


Jordan Wosnick