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Liquid emulsion: Thanks you!!!

Thanks to all of you who sent me brilliant suggestions about my current liquid emulsion project!
Here is what i've come up with:
Building a level stand with 2x4s and a lip to drain into a tupperwear-like under the bed box as a tray to catch chemicals. I will use an aquarium pump to syphon the liquid into a safe container for proper disposal.
I've decided on using Maco variable contrast liquid emulsion with a hardener and Dektol for developing. Since there is a hardener, I can use a rapid fix at the end.
I will coat the edges and back of the wood with polyuerothane before development and coat the front with maco's gelatin. After drying I will coat the front with polyeurothane and sand it for a matte finish.
I've also decided to build a frame around the edges of the plywood for stability and hanging purposes.
For high contrast, I will use tech-pan negatives, white birch plywood, and a # 5 contrast filter over the slide projector.
If any of you have any further ideas, or if this sounds a bit overcomplicated and/or incorrect please let me know.
I'm so glad i found this list! You are all a wonderful resource!!!
Best wishes,
Philip Ringler
Oakland, CA

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