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Re: brush vs tray size for gum

And maybe humidity has more of an influence on everything than we've taken into account; maybe the reason for differences in observations between different gum printers is as much a function of the environment as of other variables we have noted. This thought came to me after reading Keith's observation that a damp paper clears better for him than a drier paper; I thought, well, maybe that's why I was able to print tricolors on unsized paper without stain for years (although I can no longer find a paper that will do that) because I was printing in a very humid environment. And other differences may also be related to this as well; who knows?

On Sep 28, 2006, at 11:29 AM, kerik@kerik.com wrote:

This has been my experience as well with Fab AEW and Rives BFK. Hence, my
drops of formaldehyde method for hardening.


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As I've said before on this list many a time, once the paper
is yellow no amount of soaking on my part has ever gotten
the yellow to leave,

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