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Re: brush vs tray size for gum

what?  WHAT?  I CAN'T HEAR YA!  hehehehehe

In a message dated 9/28/06 3:42:29 PM, kthayer@pacifier.com writes:

Welcome to the club, Mark. Things are forever coming up that make me 
ask myself, hey, haven't I been saying that for months, or years?   
We might as well accept it; no one ever listens to anything anyone 
says here.

I do actually remember your saying that, but I don't remember the 
context or the ensuing discussion.  At any rate, I've been saying for 
years that I think my cool humid environment is probably the ideal 
environment for gum printing, and I've also said many times that I 
suspect that the reason the photoflood works so well for me has to do 
with my humid environment, which means I can get very short exposures 
with it.  And one of the new pages I'm developing as I've been 
working on a major revision of my website is specifically about 
humidity and gum. So this is hardly the first time it has occurred to 
me that humidity is a factor in gum printing; I'd just never thought 
of it as possibly being a significant factor in other issues where 
observations differ.


Best Wishes,
Mark Nelson

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