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Re: Gum Humidity Question

On Sep 28 2006, Camden Hardy wrote:

>However, I will not apologize for my joke. It had innocent (and very
>silly) intentions, and was by absolutely no stretch of the imagination a
>cheap shot at people with cancer.

I didn't ask  you to apologise, I asked you to be more sensitive.

>Now, as far as insensitivity goes, I'm going to gently disagree with you

Please don't patronise me gently or otherwise. 

>If you want to judge me based on a few emails, where tone and
>intention are misinterpreted over half the time, that's your business.

If you know that what you say half the time  is open to misinterpretation, if you know that,
then surely it is your 'business' at least half the time is it not? 

>Ironically, I think Katherine was one of the few that actually got the
>joke, and she took it very well...much better than a few others. I won't
>go into the details of the 6 or so hateful emails I got from other list
>members last night.

So Katherine's opinion of what is or isn't funny becomes our benchmark
for humour. People who don't like your humour don't count then?

>Thank you, Katherine, for taking my post as it was, and not warping into
>something it wasn't.

So now I'm warping something you said? What really worries me Cambden is
what kind of person, what kind of thought pattern, associates cancer with humour..?

David H