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Re: dig negs

Hey Scott,

I have a special supplement to the book called The Inkjet Negative 
Companion. It now includes information on the newest K3 Epsons 
(2400,04800, etc.) so you can get up and running quickly. Included is a 
nifty Photoshop template image into which you simply drop your final 
flattened image. It pretty much semi-automates much of the mumbo jumbo. 
You can find it at the following:


Camden said in a post that my system doesn't work that well. Of course 
I'd like to respectfully differ. I just returned from teaching a week 
workshop on the coast of Oregon where students printed in 
platinum/palladium and pigment-over-platinum. Jill (my wife) even gave a 
demo in Bromoil from digital negs. Seems like ample evidence that it 
sure works. You can see the participants' work (and a group shot of all 
of us!) at this URL:


Also, all but a couple of these images were captured (sorry, no film) 
during the workshop and turned into negs on the spot. And finally, the 
nude models were requested by the students. I didn't photograph them and 
am not qualified to teach figure photography but the students sure did a 
good job with the models. The participants made many more prints but I 
requested just three jpegs each to build a workshop web site.

I gotta admit there are worse things than teaching while watching the 
surf crash on a deserted beach!

Good luck with your negative making!


Weber, Scott wrote on 10/1/06, 5:59 PM:

 > Using Dan Burkholder's book on dig negs but I plan to use my Epson
 > 2400 as
 > output. Seems most of his book is for those who use image services. He
 > does
 > have one chapter on inkjet printers. Is there a more up to date text
 > on dig
 > to ink for contact printing? Also having trouble opening the curves
 > folder
 > using CS2. Help.
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