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Re: mould over gum

Alberto, I agree that what's needed to remove mold from hardened gum is probably not the same as what's needed to prevent mold from forming in gum solution.

I would try a dilute household chlorine bleach (VERY dilute, because strong household bleach will dissolve the hardened gum). The bleach shouldn't affect the color of the image, because the color is embedded within the gum. (I was going to point you to a page where I've dropped a drop of full-strength bleach on hardened gum, which obviously dissolved some of the gum but didn't change the color, but I realize that that's a page that hasn't been uploaded).

It makes me a little nervous to suggest this; it would be best if there's a border of hardened gum outside the image area to test it on before using it on the image area. But I do know that bleach is good for removing mold from all kinds of things. Good luck,

On Oct 3, 2006, at 9:00 AM, davidhatton@totalise.co.uk wrote:


You could try plain yoghurt...


david H

On Oct 3 2006, Alberto Novo wrote:

Don and Loris,

> I add a "squirt" of thymol solution to my gum when I mix it up. No > mold.

> Thyme water? (Which contains considerable amnt. of Thymol)

I add a tiny amount of sodium azide to my gum solution, because I dislike
the smell of thymol.
Here the problem is not to prevent, but to kill and -I think- wash off the
Maybe some products for wall paints?


p.s.: sorry for the my triple posting. My first message took 22 hours to
travel from Italy to Canada!