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Re: Ink color for digital negs


I am sure there are as many opinions on the subjest as there are subsribers to the list. My practice for printing palladium/platinum and VDB negatives is to use all the colors of the printer to print B&W negatives. Epson 2200 does not do a very good job in printing neural grays that way, but that does not matter for the purpose of printing negatives. IMO this results in very smooth tones as all the inks are used and the dot patters in very tight. Something that palladium/platinum can take advantage of. On the other hand when printing negatives for gum I use "print black ink only" option. Chris has pointed me that way. Actually for gum I use cheap transparency and with black ink only there is little problem with printer marks and drying.
Marek, Houston

From:  Warren Wilson <warrenwilson@earthlink.net>
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To:  alt-photo-process-l@usask.ca
Subject:  Re: Ink color for digital negs
Date:  Fri, 06 Oct 2006 17:38:47 -0700
>  Are there various recommended ink color combinations for
>printing enlarge digital negatives on Pictorico OHP? I remember
>reading somewhere sometime maybe from Dan Burkholder
>about the best combination of orange/red. I'm using an
>Epson 2200 printer.
>Warren Wilson
>Bainbridge Island