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Re: 2006 Traveling Portfolio

Thanks for posting these, Jeffrey.

I found it interesting that my favorite images are Grace Taylor's Ordinary Places, Ordinary Things series in Van Dyke, since my favorite image from the last portfolio I remember looking at was also Grace Taylor's, from her Rodeo series, a wonderful portrait of a pair of well-used cowboy boots in service, which I still remember vividly. So just want to say publicly, Grace, I love your work! In its obvious attention to and respect for nuances of light, it puts me in mind of Lilo Raymond, probably my favorite photographer of all time.

I really enjoyed looking at the pictures and reading the notes from people working with gum in an experimental mode (Suzanne Izzo), working with gum for the first time (Diana Bloomfield -- impressive work, by the way) or using gum in interesting and innovative ways to achieve desired effects (Marek Matusz--I especially appreciated the detailed notes on process). Thanks everyone, for sharing,

Katharine Thayer

On Oct 9, 2006, at 7:15 AM, Jeffrey D. Mathias wrote:

Please note that the 2006 traveling portfolio is on-line at the following link:

Thanks to Robert Cockrell for organizing this round and to the many contributors.

Images larger than legal size, as well as the glass plate, were photographed as they are too large for my scanner. I included a color reference for both scanner and camera at the end of the portfolio so as to adjust monitors if needed.

Jeffrey D. Mathias