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That is an interesting suggestion. I might try a blank layer of tempera print (egg) as a sub for yupo, just need to find a recipe somewhere. I have some wonderful gum prints on yupo, but it is such a hit and miss. Sometimes I get a lot of holes where the gum just slides off, somethimes just a spot here and there. Gum prints on yupo are so brilliant when compared to prints on paper.

Loris, I tried gelatin over yupo and it made it even worse. I could not hold onto exposed gum no matter what. I would be interested to find out what your experience is.

From:  peter <temperaprint@blueyonder.co.uk>
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Subject:  Re: Ink color for digital negs
Date:  Wed, 11 Oct 2006 23:02:13 +0100
>Dear Loris,
>On 9 Oct 2006, at 15:11, Loris Medici wrote:
>>I'm currently making trials on dimensionally stable and ultra fast
>>Yupo paper. The results are promising. I first coat Yupo with Daler
>>System 3 Gesso (acrylic base AFAIK, quite matte and porous finish,
>>I do two
>>coats) then I coat it with 3-4% gelatine (two coats). The whole
>>takes 10 minutes (I dry the paper with hairdryer). This way gum can
>>stay on
>>surface (if I don't do this surface preparation, gum will simply
>>leave the
>>paper in pieces no matter how much I expose).
>Just use egg not gum no subbing layers needed
>best wishes