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Re: 2006 Traveling Portfolio

On Oct 12, 2006, at 1:05 PM, dsbryant@bellsouth.net wrote:


it puts

me in mind of Lilo Raymond, probably my favorite photographer of all

Wow! Lilo Raymond is also one of my all time favorites, unfortunately her work isn't as widely known as it probably should be. I've only experienced her work through reproductions and wish to see some of the originals someday.

I'm trying to remember a story David Vestal told about her in one of his columns. I can't remember the details exactly, but it was like the story Dan told about Jerry Uellsmann (sp?)... something like she took a printing class or workshop from him and made these gorgeous prints throughout, but at the end asked the kind of question that made it clear that she didn't understand much about the technical part of printing. She's apparently one of those people who just have an intuitive sense of what they want to do and how to get there.

One of my favorite things I own is a framed poster, for a show she had in NY in 1977, that I found in a thrift store 10 years or so ago here on the coast. I was so amazed to find something like that in such an unlikely place.