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Re: Potentially stupid pt/pd question

Also for DMax, Stouffer's sells a reflection, 21 step tablet that goes up to log 2.0 which can be used as described below with the two hole method.

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Why did you go with the Vellum and not the RAG? When they say they are the
same, did you ask about "whiteness", weight, ??  Whom at Legion did you
speak with?

Dmax can be compromised by not enough coating for a paper and by letting in
soak in to deep. It may be a material that likes a lower humidity to start
with for coating. 

The pH of the substrate is only one factor in coating paper. This paper may
need to have a more direct air stream or heat applied to it during the
drying process.  

How are you guessing .9? Black paper with two holes with one over the known
value and one over the unknown value?