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RE: Potentially stupid pt/pd question

> So it is only happening on the new vellum Coventry?  If there is no fog,
> as
> you can see with the edge test, you may not need to test your ferric for
> ferrous.

I agree, there's likely nothing wrong with my ferric.  I was just curious
about the test.  I'll probably do it anyway, just to be sure.

> If the paper that I sent you is not showing the same signs, then you must
> suspect that paper from your mystery supplier.

After some experimentation, I'm starting to suspect that the paper's
absorbant nature is bringing out purity issues in my developer.  In other
words, I don't think it's a problem with the paper, but it is more
apparent in the vellum.

> Do add a few grams of oxalic acid to your developer. Filter it, and see
> what
> happens after you make those changes.

That's my plan for the day, assuming I have time.  I'll let you know how
it works out.

Thanks for sharing your clearing methods with me.  It's really interesting
to hear the myriad different ways it can be done.

Camden Hardy