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Re: Thanks Everyone - Anamorphic link

Hi Paul,
Thanks for the link - makes me want to drop everything and just play around with these ideas - could do with some new lampshades, come to think of it! :-)
Best wishes,
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Another site with good coverage on making slit / anamorphic cameras, etc
You can even find out how to make your own photographic lampshades :-)

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That's it exactly, Neil, how clever of you to find it! I am so grateful
to everyone for responding and spending time looking for examples, it
has given me plenty to think about and some fresh ideas. I had already
dug out my table of pinhole sizes, oddly enough, and was thinking along
those lines, but the suggestions of extreme angles sound great, and I
shall have an enjoyable time experimenting. A friend of mine showed me
some shots taken with a Lensbaby a couple of years ago and I had
forgotten about them, so might ask to borrow it and see the farm in a
new light...

Another friend I had asked about this question said that he had
accidently got this effect when someone he was photographing stood in a
doorway against a very bright light. He reckoned the light bled around
the subject as it was a longish exposure. In that case I may have to
wait until the sun goes further south and shines along the track where I
want to take the shots, then get up as the sun rises to catch my partner
as he goes off to feed the animals... Hmmm!
I shall look out for the book you mentioned too, I am sure that I have
had it out of the library in the past, thanks for that suggestion.

I don't know if it has been mentioned on the list before, but there is
quite a large  exhibition on at the moment at Fairfield Halls, East
Croydon (Nr
London) by 10 photographers which is on until Sunday 22nd Oct. It has
examples of Gum, Photogravure, Salt, Pt/Pd, Polaroid lift, Cyanotype. (
I am showing Salt prints there)

I am touched and grateful for everyones' help, it has given my little
project a welcome boost.
Thanks again and best wishes,

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Saffron - is this the sort of thing you had in mind? -